SHERM! Comics by Popeye’s Bud Sagendorf

cartoon boy and girl talking on sidewalk
I just about jumped outta my skin when I found these "SHERM" pages inside the Jan-Mar 1952 issue of Popeye comics #19
cartoon boy and girl get into a rocket and fly away from house
cartoon boy and girl fly a rocketship
cartoon boy and girl fly a rocketship into the ocean picking up an octopus
cartoon boy and girl fly a rocketship through a barn picking up a cow
Popeye pulls up an anchor
Story and art by Bud Sagendorf
After looking through many other issues of Dell Comics' Popeye, this was apparently the first appearance of this backup feature…and there’s more to come! See you soon --Sherm

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Martin Olson said...

Unlike you, this paltry Sherm is a mere do-nothing ride-along bore who belabors the obvious: "Now we're out over the ocean."

Fie upon your false namesake and his nattering nabobic naivete.