Ponytail Part 3 - Even More Vintage Teen Comics by Lee Holley

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This is the third in a series of Ponytail comics scans form 1962.
For the first two posts on Lee Holley and his teen comic,
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Take a look at some of these links for more insight into the career of cartoonist Lee Holley:
UPDATE! Pat from the Silver Age Comics blog has just posted a nice long article on Lee Holley and his Ponytail comics, featuring lots of juicy comic art from the very first issue!
Click on the cover for more on Ponytail #1
There’s a lot of great information about Lee Holley on the web – including this VERY in-depth interview:


kris.w said...

compared to lots of comics i've read over the last couple decades, i gotta take a minute to acknowledge how easy it is to read these. it's like having hot knife-vision through these buttery pages. so many times nowadays, it's easy to get tripped up frequently on overly-complex designs and layouts. i often find myself circling around an "actiony" page to sort out some sort of order to the madness (as to what i should read or look at first).

thanks for posting more Ponytail, Sherm. i wish some of the teachers i had in school used these comics as teaching aides because there's so much to gain and learn from such simplicity.

Pat said...

I've got a post coming up tomorrow on Ponytail #1, so I googled Ponytail and Lee Holley and found you were writing on the same subject.

As it happens I had noticed the similarity to Ketcham before I read the interview linked in the first post of this series. Great stuff; it looks deceptively simple.

Pat from Silver Age Comics

Sherm said...

Hey Pat...that sounds great! Send me the link to your Ponytail post and I'll share it with all the CartoonSNAP readers!

John Glenn Taylor said...

Enjoying the great Ponytail posts, Sherm, but I have a question. In the Lee Holley interview you link to, Holley asserts that most of the work on the Dell comics was done by future "Short Ribs" artist Frank Hill. Is there any way to spot the difference between Holley's and Hill's Ponytail work?

Pat said...

Sherm, here's the link:

I linked to your three posts on Ponytail.

Sherm said...

Hi Pat...that's great timing, huh? I've never seen the first issue of Ponytail, so I'm very glad you've done a post about it! Thanks for the links...I'll get links back to your stuff asap. Best -- sherm