Robotman Part 3: Battle of the Beasts

Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-01

This is the third part of guest blogger Frank Young’s celebration of the life and comics of Robotman artist Jimmy Thompson -  Golden Age Comics' Best-Kept Secret

Part One features an in-depth biography of Jimmy Thompson’s early years, along with some gorgeously pulpy scans from "If I Were Robotman" from Star-Spangled Comics #26 

and today’s installment features "The Battle With The Beasts" from Star-Spangled Comics #36

 Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-02
 Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-03
 Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-04
 Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-05
 Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-06
 Robotman-by-Jimmy Thompson_36-07
Next time, an even more in-depth look at the next steps in Jimmy Thompson’s cartooning career!
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Doug Gray said...

These are great! I'd never heard of Jimmy Thompson before now. Thanks Frank and Sherm!