MORE Ponytail Classic Teen Comics By Lee Holley

cartoon man mechanic works on car Lee Holley Ponytail comic book cartoon
Here’s 2 more stories from Lee Holley’s Ponytail comic book!
Teenage cartoon girls talking Lee Holley Ponytail
As usual, every page is filled with simple and ultra-appealing artwork!
Click on any page to open up a HUGE comic book scan
If you missed the previous post about Lee Holley and Ponytail, make sure to check it out HERE.

There’s a lot of links in that post about Lee Holley and his teenage comic creation!
Teenage cartoon boy sprawled out on couch Lee Holley Ponytail
Wanna see more Ponytail comics?
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UPDATE! Pat from the Silver Age Comics blog has just posted a nice long article on Lee Holley and his Ponytail comics, featuring lots of juicy comic art from the very first issue!
teenage boy and cartoon girl drinking from the same milkshake in Ponytail comic book by Lee Holley
Click on the cover for more on Ponytail #1


David Martingale said...

These are great looking comics, Sherm! I like the neat sillo panels and the slightly awkward walk poses.

kris.w said...

nice post! i LOVE how clear every thing is. simple staging and readable silhouettes.

and i love the vibe of these older comics. it's as if i can hear the "studio laughter" after every gag.. like an episode of The Munsters or Happy Days!

DC said...

I've always wondered what happen to Ponytail. I read Lee Holly's strip in the Times habitually. Ponytail, Archie and Patty Duke were preteen favorites. I remember one Sunday strip where Ponytail and Donald were dancing. At the end, she had a great line about their dance that cracked me up. That strip would be great in line with today's Dancing with the Stars. If you can find that strip, I love to see it re-published, as well as other Ponytail adventures. thanks for the memories.

Swiggy said...

been a long time since I read Ponytail. I recall seeing Lee Holley on To Tell The Truth over 40 years ago. I always liked the strip and I can see the Dennis the Menace connection in his style.