Count Screwloose : Rarely Seen Comics Pages by Milt Gross

Milt Gross  comic book scan detail of a funny man smoking seven cigars at once

Here's a Count Screwloose comic book story that's been hidden away from most readers for the last 60 years. I found this loopy gem buried on pages 35-41 of a 1947 issue of ACG Comics' The Kilroys #5 (Many thanks to the original scanner, and to Aussie500 for posting many full issues of The Kilroys on ).

"Count Screwloose of Tooloose" was originally a newspaper Sunday page, starting its run in 1929. Count Screwloose was an inmate of an insane asylum, and in every he would escape and have frantically energetic encounters and adventures with the "outside world." Many years later, Milt Gross brought Screwloose back when he created brand new comic book stories for the American Comics Group (ACG).

Thumbnail images of all the pages from Count Screwloose story from ACG comics Kilroys

At the end of each story, the Count would realize that life on the outside could be crazier than in the nuthouse, so he would break back in to the sanitarium where things more sane.

Based on this totally cool house ad from the inside cover of Kilroys #3, these stories were done around the same time (1947) as the famous two-issue run of Milt Gross Funnies.

Inside Front cover interior house ad for Milt Gross Funnies drawn by Dan Gordon
It looks to me like this ad was ghosted by Dan Gordon...look at the kid and the turtle...

...looks more like "dang" than Gross!

For more info on Milt Gross and his comics,
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Milt Gross Count Screwloose and friend walking toward a Pool Hall

...and for LOTS more quality scans of Milt Gross newspaper strips and more, be sure to check out THIS LINK to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. There are many many different entries with scans covering a huge chunk of his illustrious career!
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UPDATE: I just posted another long-lost Count Screwloose Milt Gross comic book story from a 1948 issue of The Kilroys #14! Come take a look HERE or just CLICK on the picture of Harry the Hoople-Snake below!

Harry the Hoople-Snake chases after Count Screloose by Milt Gross

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Charlie said...

You officially have the coolest blog ever!

I've been waiting so long for this!

Sherm said...

Thanks, Charlie...I was inspired by lots of other folks (like yourself) who are posting hard-to-find comic classics so more people can see them like they deserve to be seen! I loved that Jim Tyer comic you posted on your blog, too. Readers...check it out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you can totally see Kurtzman in that work. Funny when you think about which artists are remembered and which ones fade into obscurity with the passage of time. Thanks for posting!

Paul C.Tumey said...

Thanks for the Milt Gross. Love your blog.

Sherm said...

Hi Paul..Thanks! I've been diggin' your Jack Cole comics blog, too!