King Aroo Makes a Movie - Sunday Comic Strip Scan from March 30, 1952

"What transpires?"

King Aroo and friends decide to make a movie in this Sunday comic strip scan from March 30, 1952. Written and drawn by Jack Kent.

Click on any panel to view a nice BIG hi-res scan
King_Aroo cartoon king and kangaroo with movie camera
King_Aroo cartoon bird wearing a beret reading from Mother Goose
King_Aroo cartoon characters making a movie near a well
King_Aroo cartoon king recites lines from script as cartoon bird acts as director
King_Aroo cartoon king forgets his dialogue lines
King_Aroo Yuptop gets pulled out of the well

Click on the thumbnail below to see the full color King Aroo Sunday comic strip from March 30th 1952 in high-resolution splendor!

King Aroo Sunday Color Comic Strip drawings by Jack Kent March 30 1952

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chrisallison said...

Hahahaha, hilarious designs! That lion is so funny and coy, like a pampered, spoiled child. Thanks for posting these, Sherm! I really dig them, and you're the only source for such quality scans. You're doing a great service to cartoonists everywhere!

kris.w said...

i think it's the simplicity of the character designs that really help push the endearing factor of these strips. it really drives the "cutesy" gags to read these lines coming from such innocent faces. can't help but laugh aloud!