King Aroo Sunday Comic Strip By Jack Kent - December 30, 1951

Here's a really fun King Aroo color Sunday comic strip by Jack Kent from December 30th 1951. As described in The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics:
King_Aroo "King Aroo is one of the most celebrated strips of the recent past in the comics ... appealing largely to the members of the readership that loved Krazy Kat, Barnaby, Pogo and Little Nemo. The strip began in 1950 ... but was discontinued after a few years. It was kept on in limited syndication until 1965."
I recently made some hi-res scans of some color newspaper samples of the King Aroo strip that I collected a few years ago.
Little cartoon bird writing on a piece of paper - Drawing by Jack Kent from King Aroo comic strip

Since there was only ever one book collection of the strip (in 1953) and very little merchandising, Jack Kent's King Aroo has been largely forgotten, except by a rabidly loyal group of fans that swears lifelong allegiance to the King. I have listed some links at the bottom of the post where you can look to find a few more strips, and a lot more information.
Click on any image for a BIG high-resolution comic strip scan!
King_Aroo_Sunday_ cartoon King and bird holding a watch
King_Aroo_Sunday_Yuptop takes a look at Cecil's watch
King_Aroo_Sunday_Yuptoip learns how to tell time with Cartoon bird and cartoon drawing of a King
King_Aroo_Sunday_ Cartoon King  holding a sliderule
Here's the whole King Aroo Sunday Comic Strip in High Resolution:
...and here are those King Aroo links I promised...
King Aroo article on Toonopedia
A few King Aroo daily strips
Example of King Aroo daily Original Art by Jack Kent, November 24, 1960
King Aroo: Two color Sundays and a daily comic strip
The great Jack Kent and his wonderful "King Aroo"
Wanna see more King Aroo Sunday strips?
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Update: Many more King Aroo Sunday Comics scans right HERE.
Update #2: Still MORE King Aroo dailies and Sunday strips HERE.


kris.w said...

cute comic! easy to see how this could run for a while.

but, uh... what's up with the staging?

chrisallison said...

i've only read a couple King Aroo strips but every single one has been hilarious! i say keep 'em coming!