King Aroo and Yuptop Meet the Sloth - More Sunday Color Funnies by Jack Kent

Here's another King Aroo Sunday comic strip scan...
this one from March 9th, 1952!
Click on any image for a BIG high-resolution comic strip scan!
King Aroo and Yuptop chat with a cartoon sloth King_Aroo_Sunday_030952-01
Why is it you sloths always hang upside down like that? King_Aroo_Sunday_030952-02
Yuptop thinks the sloth is lazy King_Aroo_Sunday_030952-03
cartoon sloth is hungry in King_Aroo_Sunday_030952-05
King Aroo meets a cartoon sloth hanging from a tree
and the whole King Aroo Sunday strip scan is right below:
King Aroo Sunday strip scan
There you'll also find a list of links that talk about King Aroo creator Jack Kent and his works!

Update: Many more King Aroo Sunday Comics scans right HERE.
Update #2: Still MORE King Aroo dailies and Sunday strips HERE.


kris.w said...

haha.. another good one!

and thanks for chopping up and enlarging it so we can see it better AND see it all in one piece at the bottom.

Sherm said...

Hey there kris...Thanks for the note; I'm glad to know that all that cropping and cutting and pasting was worth it. I want to make them as easy to read as I can ^_^