Old Romance Comics Scans at "The Golden Age Romance Comics Archive"

Here's another unexpected discovery that made me squeal with delight: A nice stack of Golden Age Romance comic book scans that you can read online or download for your collection!
Lovelorn ACG  Pre-Code Romance Comic Book cover scan sgows man and woman struggling in romantic conflict
Apparently created as a project for a college humanities course, Jenny Miller's Golden Age Romance Comics Archive is...
"a resource for scholars and fans interested in golden eraromance comics, containing full scans of issues."
There are a couple short essays about the romance comics genre, but the soft and chewy insides are the 14 complete issues of old romance comics scans from publishers such as Fox, Harvey, Atlas, Michel, Charlton, Marvel, St. John and Mystery Publishing Company. Juicy Pre-Code tales of heartache and betrayal with titles like Lovelorn, All-True Romance and First Love. Even the later comics have intriguing names like Lonely Heart, and my favorite title: My Personal Problem (!)

Romance Comic Book cover scan: Lovers, Vol. 1, No. 38 - Couple embracing in the back seat of a taxicab - Drawn by Al Hartley
5 Reasons Why I'm Fascinated by Romance Comics:
    1. They're so weirdly different than any of the comics I grew up with in the 70's
    2. The unwavering commitment to totally formulaic plots
    3. The Betrayals, the Crying, the EMOTIONS and over-the-top melodrama
    4. Like crime comics, they're filled with excellent drawings of regular people in normal clothing and mid-century urban American backgrounds
    5. More flashbacks per comic than any other genre
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