Funny Animal Comic Book Scans from Thad K.

In the last few months, Thad K's classic animation blog has featured a beautiful pile of funny animal comic book scans by some of the greatest cartoonists of the golden age of cartoons! Here's a quick set of links to help you find and devour them!

(Click on any of the images below to jump right over to the full-page comic scans on Thad's blog.) Fox and Crow funny animal comic scans by Jim Davis
Fox & Crow Comic Scans by Jim Davis


Fox and Crow comics drawn by Owen Fitzgerald headbutt
Owen Fitzgerald Fox and Crow Comics


Cartoon Crow knocks on the door while cartoon Fox sits at dinner table
...even MORE Fox and Crow comics


Woody Woodpecker comics scans by John Stanley
Woody Woodpecker by John Stanley


Tom and Jerry comics drawn by Harvey Eisenberg Tom the cartoon cat is startled by loud sounds
Tom and Jerry by Harvey Eisenberg


Tom and Jerry Dell comic book cover by cartoonist Harvey Eisenberg Jerry the cartoon mouse paints Tom the cartoon cat with a checkerboard pattern
more classic Eisenberg Tom & Jerry comics


cartoon chicken hen rooster by Pogo artist Walt Kelly from Dell Animal Comics
Walt Kelly Animal Comics


Dell Donald Duck Comics by Carl Barks
Donald Duck Comics by Carl Barks


Cartoon moose argues with Barney Bear in Comics by Carl Barks from Dell Our Gang
Barney Bear Our Gang Comics by Carl Barks


cartoon Wacky Wolf stares at himself in the mirror comic art by Bob Wickersham
Wacky Wolf by Bob Wickersham


Lil Bad Wolf silhouette in the moonlight by Carl Buettner
Carl Buettner’s Li’l Bad Wolf


and there is a whole LOT more, too --especially if you're a fan of classic animated cartoons!

If you want to browse all of the comics-related posts at once,
just click on this link>>
Funny Animal Comic Book Scans

Update #1: Screwy Squirrel Comics
screwy squirrel cartoon drawing reading a book upside don on a tree branch
by Carl Buettner, from Our Gang No. 14, 1944

Hey Thad...thanks a bunch! Great Stuff ^_^


Thad said...

Hi Sherm! Thanks for the plug! I've got lots of stuff scanned that I plan to post. You run a great blog too! I loved the Heckle & Jeckle Jim Tyer story you posted.

Sherm said...

Hi Thad...I'm happy to send people over to see your scans -- The more people like you that share this stuff, the less chance that these great cartoonists will be forgotten.

I'm really looking forward to see what you've got coming up next ^_^ Nice chatting with you!


Chuck Wells said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on this, Sherm. I'll go check it out!

Anonymous said...

A-Z Comics is planning of issuing a huge selection of Funny Animal Comic s and Humor Comics from the Golden Age of Comics at

Anonymous said...

I was unable to view or dowload the comics. Can you or anyone help.I´m looking for Barney Bear and Owen Fitzgerald