Comic Strip Story-Ads from The 1950's

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Comic drawing of woman falling from a trapeze
I really dig Ger's articles on comic strip advertisements.Back in the 1950's many famous comic strip artistsworked for big advertising agencies to create ads for all kinds of products.(See Sam Spade Wildroot Hair Tonic Ads by Lou Fine).
Click on the images to see the whole strip on Ger's blog
Hot Dogs and Cartoon Drawings of Indians in this Dik Browne Ad for Armour Star Franks
There are also some really nice articles about cartoonist Bud Blake, along with heaps of great artwork that's probably gone unseen for decades. Check out these gems:

Bud Blake Comic Strip Ad for Glass Wax

Click on the images to see the whole strip on Ger's blog


You'll really want to look through all the posts -- you never know what you'll find. Like this cartoon advertisement for Vaseline by Hagar's Dik Browne...


I'm so glad that Ger has saved this stuff and put it all on his blog so we can all enjoy it!

UPDATE: More Eveready comic ads are posted here:

UPDATE #2 Five more terrific scans of these Creig Flessel Eveready comic ads at:

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