Mighty Mouse Comic Book Scans at the Classic Cartoons Blog

Mighty Mouse Comic Book Scan by Harvey Eisenberg
There a sweet 15-page Mighty Mouse comic book scan over at
Duck Dodgers' Classic Cartoons Blog!

A giant cartoon cat is about to eat a little cartoon mouse in this comic book spalsh page from Mighty Mouse comics drawn by Harvey Eisenberg

Click on the splash page above to go see all FIFTEEN delicious pages of funny-animal super-heroics courtesy of Duck Dodgers! There's lots of other comics and cartoons to look at when you get there, so get ready for some good ol' fashioned classic cartoon fun!


Chuck Wells said...

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for the heads up on Mighty Mouse.

Thad said...

Hey Sherm-
This isn't Harvey Eisenberg's artwork. It doesn't look anything like his work from the same year for Tom and Jerry. Plus, he was exclusively employed with Western at the time I believe.

Sherm said...

Hi Thad...thanks for the tip ^_^ Since I can't confirm or debunk the identity, I removed Harvey Eisenberg's name from the post. I like to give credit, but I don't want to perpetuate a possible mistake. Thanks again! --sherm

Duck Dodgers said...

Hi Sherm,
thanks for the mention of my blog.

this was identified to me as Eisenberg's work 2 years ago. I never doubted the fellow in the past.But everyone can be wrong.

Sherm said...
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Sherm said...

Hi worries ^_^ --and your new post about Betty Boop is obviously a labor of love.
Thanks for the visit! --sherm

Duck Dodgers said...

Oh, so you are a regular reader. Nice to know.
I'd appreciate if you would highlight the posts you liked the most on my blog here. It would allow the readers of your blog to discover's always better to have more people understand how great animation and funny animals comics used to be decades ago.

See Youse,