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kyle piccolo comic shop therapist

Just to be clear: The video starts with the new trailer for The Dark Knight (which I'm diggin' a lot) but what's funny is the comedy short series called Kyle Piccolo - Comic Shop Therapist

...of course if you're NOT one of us comic book addicts who can't miss their Wednesday comics infusion, you may not agree. Anyway. Made me chuckle ^_^ More episodes at


Marco Sabatino said...

I'm a italian boy....Please visit my blogsite:

I personaggi Marvel...Uno ad uno!


PS: Sorry for my english!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I thought that comic shop looked familiar! That was where I bought all my books when I worked in the city! Very cool! If you're ever in NYC check them out. Great comic shop.

Oh, for the record, I am not an Italian boy. =)

Sherm said...

Hi, Sabatino...too bad I don't speak Italian...your blog looks very cool indeed! Anyone who loves Kirby and Buscema like you do is OK in my book ^_^

Thanks for visitng all the way from Italy! --Sherm

Sherm said...

Hey, Chris...If I get to NYC again, I'll look for the shop. I remember how weird it was to see one of my old comics haunts (Fantastic Store in Hollywood...long gone now) in the movie Unbreakable...or was it True Romance?

BTW: Great Floyd Gottfredson post at ComiCrazys

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Sherm, thank you so much for writing about Kyle Piccolo. It really means a lot coming from you! We are fans!

Sherm said...

Hey there Paul...great to hear from you -- I'm glad your FYI team are CartoonSNAP fans, too! Please say HI from me to the whole Kyle Piccolo crew ^_^

--and keep em coming, Okay? --Sherm

Anonymous said...

hi I thought that comic shop looked familiar....
it's very nice.......

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