Patsy Pancake from Milt Gross Funnies

Patsy Pancake and Chives the Penguin Comics by Milt Gross

As long as we're on a Milt Gross roll, I thought I'd point out that my pal Chris Duffy has scanned his well-worn copy of Milt Gross Funnies #2! This story features Patsy Pancake and Chives the Penguin, and you can read the whole thing over at Chris' Comic Books Are Interesting blog!

Patsy-Pancake-Lobster-PinchA few years ago (in the pre-blogging days), Chris made a xerox photocopy of this story and mailed to me (yes, in the actual US Mail) just so I would have the pleasure of reading it. I just think it's so cool that we can now share with untold thousands of comics fans with less effort than it used took to take to mail it to one!


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