Fizzies Vintage Cartoon TV Commercial - Brilliantly Simple Story and Design Work!

Fizzies are...efferVEScent!

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The character designs in this vintage Fizzies cartoon TV commercial are so appealing and the little song is so catchy I just had to share this one. Man! They really knew how to make commercials in the fifties! Kid-vid commercials today are so overly-amped it's ridiculous...but what kid wouldn't want to kick back and make a fizzy after watching this delicious animated spot?

Just listen to the crazy syncopated rhythm in this jazzy jingle:

  • They sparkle, they bubble, and quick as a ..wink...
  • You've got yourself a DEE-liciously tasty ... effervescent drink!

The story structure of this little cartoon opera is a joy to observe too;

Fizzies boy showing off cartoon canary in cage
The know-it-all big brother shows off his musical skills and haughtily demonstrates his fizzy-making prowess.

Kids making Fizzies vintage cartoon TV advertiisemnt

Notice the conflict: little sis is trying to grab the Fizzies package away, but the boy wants to show how cool he is.

girl grabs fizzies while boy is drinking Fizzies vintage animated TV commercial

While he selfishly guzzles the Fizzie he just made, the little girl snatches the Fizzies packet away and shows that she's just as smart and can make her own darn fizzie! She even gives us a wink to say to all the downtrodden younger siblings in the audience that Fizzies is the friend of the underdog.

girl winks as she makes Fizzies vintage animated TV commercial
After the boy chases his sister off-screen, the announcer comes in with the pitch!

Fizzies vintage animated TV commercial  boy chases girl

You've got to pay attention because the conflict is still unresolved. The pitch itself is a model of CLARITY. He tells you and shows you exactly what the product is, and why you must have it now. There's no color, so they SHOW all the fruit flavors with delicious cartoon illustrations of the grape, orange, cherry, lemon-lime, strawberry and root-beer flavors!
Fizzies flavors grape orange cherry lemon-lime strawberry and root beer
Finally, now that the sales pitch is finished, the whole family comes in to screen happily drinking Fizzies.

Happy Family drinking Fizzies vintage animated TV commercial

This is especially for the moms in the audience, demonstrating that Fizzies are the answer to all domestic strife. Brilliant.

"Get Fizzies...the new HAPPY drink!" Just GET 'em. I love the boldness of old commercials. They just tell you what to do.

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Charlie said...

Hey, I had this one on a VHS tape as a kid!

Here's another great one:

DJWildBill said...
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DJWildBill said...

The only bad thing about Fizzies was the taste. In a word: yuck.

When you could get your hands on one without a parent around you would try to trick an innocent victim into putting the Fizzie in their mouth and let it foam away. That was better than drinking the stuff. The absolute worst flavor was the root beer. The best was the other one that you alomst got instead of the one you were trying to swallow at the moment. I know, there are some out there that liked Fizzies. Senility is now besetting the Baby-Boomers.

pylgrym said...

The spot with the kid walking into the bar and asking for water ... "I need five waters" is a model of minimalist economy in every subliminal way. Vance Packard surely was
a FIZZIES man.