The BIG Ralph Bakshi Book is Here!

Ralph Bakshi's New Book Unfiltered The Complete Ralph Bakshi

Last week I got a chance to look through a pre-release copy of the new Ralph Bakshi retrospective art book, Unfiltered.

It was so gorgeous I wanted to run off with it, but I'm sure Steve Worth would not have appreciated that. Anyway, I just found out it's now available, so I ordered one for my very own.

The book is packed with pre-production art from all of the classic Bakshi features, including my favorites, Heavy Traffic, Coonskin and Wizards. It even has some storyboard drawings

from Fire and Ice that look a million times better than the final product. There's also LOTS of personal art from Ralph, and dozens of personal photos that really give you a feel for the man behind the movies.

Here's a video preview of Unfiltered - The Complete Ralph Bakshi I found on YouTube:

With any luck, this book will create some demand so we can finally get Coonskin and Hey Good Lookin' on DVD!

Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi (The Force Behind Fritz the Cat, Mighty Mouse, Cool World, and The Lord of the Rings)

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