Doodling on Storyboard Revision Notes

Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-04
So I’m testing out some new markers and brush pens that I picked up at Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo. I ended up doodling all over the Fish Hooks animatic notes I was working on!
Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-02
I thought it would be fun to post the sketches, but the printout has all kinds of secret notes about an upcoming episode, plus I wanted to remove all the crew names peppered throughout the document. So when you see some places that looked like the typing has been censored, it has!
Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-01Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-05Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-03
Here’s the whole sheet…maybe after the episode airs later this year, I can post the whole scan without all the redactions…
Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes


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