More Presto Pete comics by Howie Post

Golden Age Funny Animal classic comics by Howie Post – from Animal Antics #15, 1948Animal Antics #15 - Page 42
Animal Antics #15 - Page 43 Animal Antics #15 - Page 44 Animal Antics #15 - Page 45 Animal Antics #15 - Page 46 Animal Antics #15 - Page 47 Animal Antics #15 - Page 48
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Presto-Pete-Howie-Post magic rabbit bunny chased-by-tiger

…and here’s an interview with Howie Post:


Unca Jeffy said...

I love it. I feel we're on the cusp of a Howie Post renaissance.

I hope he's looking down at us and feeling very proud.

Daniel [] said...

Wha—? This is a to'al rip-off! Eve'body know for magic you has to speak back'ards! Zarata al'ays does! Yarko al'ays does! Do you think we are to'al idjots?!?