Posing - Storyboard Video Wrap-up

This is the third of three videos in this series that answer the question, "How many poses do I need draw?"

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Amy Poehler The Mighty B The posing
(in these last scenes especially) was driven by the amazing voice performance of Amy Poehler.
Amy co-created the character of Bessie (along with Erik Wiese and Cynthia True), and she always threw herself 1000% into acting out the character. Her hilarious comedic performances made it a real treat to work on this show.

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Severin said...

One of the things that surprised me when I first met with real storyboard artists is that they always imitate the voices of the characters when reading through boards. It was something that had never occurred to me before coming to Nick. I suppose the lesson to take from that is that a board artists has to be a showman in both his drawings and his presentation.

Thanks again for another great tutorial!

Yazzo said...

I know I've probably said this before, but this really is the most interesting tute yet! There's nothing I like more in a cartoon that great character interaction. And this is beautifully posed too....the poses are so wonderfully dynamic. :)

I get a big kick out of your versions of the characters voices. XD

Bob Flynn said...

It's obviously essential to have voice tracks to animate to, but a real luxury to have them as early as the storyboard stage.

This is one of your best yet, Sherm. I'm always tempted to really act it out in the boards, but you only have so much time. When the moment warrants it, it certainly helps! I like how you even get some of the antics in there.

Also, really good point on allowing one character to rest when the other is really getting into it.

BifDog said...

Thank you so much, I really enjoy these videos. Keep them coming!