Students: Disney is looking for Story Artists for Summer Associate Program

Walt Disney Animation Studios Mickey Mouse
Here's an amazing opportunity I wish I had when I was starting out as a storyboard artist: Walt Disney Animation Studios has a summer internship/training program for Story Artists, and they're taking applications for this summer. According to the announcement, Disney's Summer Associate Story Artist program is a …
"ten-week Art & Production Associate Program has been created for students who will be returning to school in the fall. Under the guidance of a Disney Mentor, Associates will be immersed in our world of art, storytelling and moviemaking. The Associate Program brings a group of students together to form a multi-disciplinary team. The Summer Associates work closely together in a once-in-a-lifetime-before-graduation experience in the art of animation.
"We are seeking Story Artists for the 2010 Summer Associate session at our Burbank, CA studio. The session will begin in June. Story Artists have the ability to visualize a film script in a series of panels somewhat like a comic strip. They are able to convey the essence of story line, scene structure, character emotion and create action and humor in alignment with the overall direction of the film. Ability to quick sketch, a mastery of human and animal anatomy, a filmic sense and a design-caricature ability are all necessary requirements.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, however the deadline for applications is April 20th. For international students, the deadline to apply is February 28th"
You can apply via the web at Now get on it!


Anonymous said...

Applied! Oh, I know they'll want my services!

Dom C said...

a little off subject, but looking for viral support for new cartoon series: family guy+sopranos= the cannolis!! Pls watch & spread the word!!!


Gemma said...

Wish I had this opportunity too, don't have this kind of thing in Australia. Now I'm graduated and it's really tough to find people to give you a chance.

Go for it students!