Tex Avery - MGM Years 1942-55 - 41 Pages of killer Golden-Age Cartoon Model Sheets at ComiCrazys!

screwy squirrel tex-avery_model_sheets
Chris Lopez at ComiCrazys has given us all an amazing gift! FORTY-ONE sheets of classic MGM / Tex Avery model sheets! And they’re pretty hi-res, too! Go take a look at


Robin Cain said...

Loved these!! Thank you so much for posting.

Chris said...

You're welcome.

Thanks for the post, Sherm. =)

Mike Nassar said...

yes, there are great!!! thanks for sharing em' sherm. I'll be drawing from some of these for a while. I've been keeping a couple printed out to leave in my coffee table sketchbook.

Marko Umorista said...

ZOUNDS! thank you for the tip!