Willard Mullin Goes to the Races - Horse Racing Sports Cartoons by the Master of Action Cartooning

Horse and jockey cartoon drawing by Willard Mullin

Willard Mullin
knows how to draw action,
and he knows how to draw horses.

Here are all the horse-related sports cartoons
from from the book,"It Beats Working."

Click on any picture below to open up a ridiculously huge scan

cartoon race horse pleads with the jockey - drawn by Willard Mullin
Man with syringe talks to cartoon horse - drawing by Willard Mullin
tall jockey riding on a cartoon zebra - illustration by Willard Mullin
Jockey running with sign - cartoon illustration drawn by Willard Mullin Horse and jockey cartoon drawing by Willard Mullin

And I'm going to throw in this drawing of a track runner because it doesn't fit into any of the other categories:

cartoon track runner fills out his expense account  illustration drawn by Willard Mullin

The next batch of illustrations (coming soon) has some of the most amazing drawings in the entire book. The strange thing is that none of them are sports figures! Here's a sample of what coming up in the last batch of cartoons from the book, "It Beats Working."

Gangster with gun forces man to drink from bottle illustration by Willard Mullin

The next post is going to be the best, so be sure to leave some comments to let me know if you wanna see them ...

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Will Finn said...

Sherm these are outstanding. Willard Mullin was the Daumier of sports cartooning. Thanks for making these available, i can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

I only get the first two jokes! but these are damn good pictures!

Sherm said...

Hi Will...more to come! Thanks for chiming in ^_^

Niki -- these drawings originally ran alongside the text in the book, and they weren't eant to be viewed out of context, so the gags aren't always clear. I just dig the drawings!

chrisallison said...

Here, here! Noir figures, booze, guns! Those are Mullins drawings I NEED to see. Great posts recently, Sherm! Keepin me educated even tho I'm out of the studios temporarily

Sherm said...

Hi Chris...I'll get those noir-ish Willard Mullin drawings up soon, OK? So keep the faith! Might as well use the time off work to make more of your own cartoons! Email me if you wanna have lunch sometime.

- Sherm (at) CartoonSnap dot com