The Scariest Thing in this Whole Comic Book: Save Your Hair!

scalp itch dandruff falling hairs head odors comic book advertisement

I found this horrific advertisement while posting another story from Jack Kirby's The Strange World of Your Dreams. Here's the whole advertisement in all its gruesome glory (Click on image below for a super-size scan)

Save your hair KILL these hair-destroying germs
"Scalp itch! Falling hair! Dandruff! Head odors!"

Scariest thing in the whole comic book! It just shows that back in the fifties, there were a lot of adults reading these funny books. It's fun to notice that they don't actually claim to be able to cure baldness.

"NOTHING, Absolutely nothing known to Science can do more to SAVE YOUR HAIR" It's a classic non-claim that's still used today: "nothing stops your headache faster than XYZ." Will we never learn?

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