Untamed Frazetta – The Best-Drawn 1950’s Romance Comics EVER

Frank Frazetta romance comics scans

Mr. Door Tree at the Golden Age Comic Stories blog has just posted some unbelievably beautiful scans of Frank Frazetta’s romance comics from the fifties. The scans are super-clean and very high-resolution.

cute girl struts across movie set Frank Frazetta romance comics

blonde and brunette girls talking Frazetta comics scans

Click on any of these preview panels to jump over and see them in high-res splendor at the Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog

Frank Frazetta romance comics man woman kissingman gets into car between two gorgeous Frazetta girls

…and it’s not all huggin’ and kissin’ –
there’s plenty of action and danger!

man and woman dive into lake Frank Frazetta romance comics scans

Even lions...and guns!

Untamed love Lion attack Frank Frazetta romance comics scans

You can find all the amazing Frazetta comics scans at:

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Frazetta At The Earths Core Pterodactyl

Frazetta pen and ink masterpieces from Edgar Rice Burroughs' At The Earth's Core

Click on any of these images to jump over
and see them on the Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog


The Buck Rogers covers from Famous Funnies

The Buck Rogers covers from Famous Funnies


Frank Frazetta ink drawings

At The Earth's Core Portfolio


Most of those Frazetta comics can be found in hard copy in the new book,

The comic book art of Frank Frazetta

"Telling stories - The Comic Art of Frank Frazetta"


Bob Flynn said...

Frazetta continues to amaze...

Mike Nassar said...

OH MY GOD. The untamed love comic was UNBELIEVABLE. There were some images in I think the Frazetta ICON book, but this find is amazing. In untamed love he seems to use a lot more half-tones and spotted blacks. Wonder if it's later in his career or with advances in printing technology. Whatever the case, this is an amazing find and amazing Frazettas. Thanks for posting Sherm.

Sherm said...

Hey Bob & Mike -- yaeh, the ol' Frazetta just keeps taking your breath away. It's always fun to go back and look at his work after not seeing it for a long get to RE-discover all the power and frenzy and genius in every stroke of his pen or brush!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not the best drawn...Franks style strikes me as very Alex Raymond inspired, or of that school. In common with much illustration (as distinct from comic art)Untamed Love seems obviously based on photographic reference, effective none the less, and was perfectly in tune with the late 50's obsession with all things photo-realistic in comics which more or less ended with Raymonds'demise.

For me Frazetta is at his best when using reference. The drawing and accuracy found in some of his comic output
seems to be missing in many of his paintings for me.

Mark said...

If simply for completeness, you really have to check out Frazetta's Snowman.

For another contender for best drawn romance comic, take a look at Kubert's Hollywood Confessions (also at Mippyville)

Anonymous said...

Frazetta used photo reference throughout his career in comics and illustration. He didn't use it in every instance, but it is pretty easy to tell when he did and didn't.

Don't let the myth makers tell you otherwise. Neal Adams doesn't shy away from using reference, or admitting to it. The best artists can work without it, but they choose to use it in cases where such will amplify their work to an even higher level. That's smart, and the results are undeniable.

Chris A.

joseph d. said...

I'm not so sure of that.the comparison to Adam's is just so way off base...

Frank was a throwback where one didnt admit to reference, Neal was totally different, hed trace or use a photograph unabashedly if he deemed it useful