VERY Funny Post-it note Improvisational Jam Comic from a couple of NickToons Pals

Atomic bomb comic jam explosion on Post-it notes by Chris Allison and Ryan Kramer

It isn't often that I laugh out loud while reading comics, but this comic jam (drawn on 39 Post-It notes) from cartoonists Chris Allison and Ryan Kramer is just too good to be missed!

Cartoon Cop puking vomit comic jam explosion on 39 Post-it notes by  Ryan Kramer and Chris Allison
Fantastically unhinged cartoon one-upsmanship,
and just plain drop-dead fun!

...and these are just two random drawings
out of the sequence of 39!

I got to know Chris and Ryan when I was at Nickelodeon last year drawing storyboards for The Mighty B!'s first season. If these guys are the future of animation, we're all in for a treat.

See all the comic insanity from start to finish at:


Togotooner said...

WOW! That was insane!!!! Sometimes the best things come from the simplest concepts. Truly a treat!

Ryan Kramer said...

Haha, thanks for the kind words and plug, Sherm! I'm sure there'll be more soon :P

Hope all is goin great with u!

Chris Houghton said...

Wow, those guys are great! I also LOVE your post about "This amazing NEW INVENTION!"

chrisallison said...

Thanks Sherm! Knowing you dug it makes it all that much sweeter!