Baseball and Football Cartoons by Willard Mullin

Baseball player yells to the pitcher with a batter on first by Willard Mullin
I got some nice comments from some cartoon connoisseurs regarding the previous post about sports cartoonist Willard Mullin. Here are some more cartoon illustrations from the book, "Beats Working."
Baseball Player talks to a reporter on the bench - cartoon art  by Willard Mullin
These drawings have so much life and energy, it's no wonder that Willard Mullin became a nationwide celebrity!
Baseball Player testing bats while on deck - sports cartoon by Willard Mullin
Scared Baseball Player drops the ball as a huge runner approaches first base- drawing by Willard Mullin
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Baseball Players on the bench reading the racing form by Willard Mullin
...and football...
Football player misses the ball - cartoon illustration drawn by Willard Mullin
Football players get in a big fistfight with referees chatting nearby - cartoon art  by Willard Mullin
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Referee and football player look at giant gorilla with a helmet
Middle aged man coached big dumb football player in this cartoon drawing by Willard Mullin
Next Willard Mullin post: Horse Racing! soon as this post gets 5 comments,
I'll put them up here on the blog.
If you missed the last Willard Mullin post
on boxing cartoons, here's the link below:
boxing cartoons by Willard Mullin
Right below are a bunch of links with lots of high-quality scans of Willard Mullin's classic drawings and sports cartoons!
I still have plenty more scans,
so if you'd like to see more,
be sure to
leave a comment before you go!

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