"How a TV Cartoon is Created" by Alex Toth and Bob Foster (Part 1 of 2)

"How a TV Cartoon is Created"
by Alex Toth and Bob Foster is a great oversized 10-page illustrated essay that first appeared as a bonus in the 1976 treasury-sized Super-Friends Limited Collectors Edition comic book.

SuperFriends Limited Collectors' Edition
This is a classic guide to how Saturday morning cartoons were produced in the seventies by Hanna-Barbera studios. Most of what is talked about in this manifesto is still true to one degree or another...depends on the studio and how much outsourcing is being done. The biggest difference is in the camera work, as that is almost entirely being done digitally now.

If you've ever read any of Alex Toth's writing, it makes a lot of sense that he had help with the text. Toth was an amazing artist, but he rambles like crazy in his writings and letters. You gotta love that Alex Toth hand-lettering, though!
Bob Foster is listed as the co-creator along with Alex Toth -- and Bob Foster knows what he's talking about when it comes to cartoons.

Bob Foster is the creator of Myron Moose, he was a layout artist at Hanna Barbera and Depatie-Freling throughout the 1970's, wrote the Donald Duck comic strip during the 1980's, he was a writer-artist and editor for Disney comics in the U.S. and overseas at Egmont, and he's been a storyboard artist on dozens of shows since then. Whew!
Filmstrip by_Alex_Toth_and_Bob_Foster

Storyboard artist drawing animation storyboards from a script

As far as I know, "TV Cartoons" has only been reprinted once in recent years, so for all those animation fans and Alex Toth fans who have never had the pleasure, "here is the how and why of animated TV Cartoons...the comic strips that move."
The high-resolution scans are below.
Just click on any of the pages below to open up
a HUGE hi-res page of Alex Toth's TV Cartoons.
Alex Toth on TV Cartoons
Toth on TV Animation - Presentation Art and Storyboards
Toth on TV Animation - Production Storyboard and Voice Recording
Toth on TV Cartoons - Track Reading and Exposure Sheets

Toth on Saturday morning TV animation - Layout Department and Background art

Stay tuned for Part Two of "How a TV Cartoon is Created"
...the rest of this 10-pager is coming in a few days!

UPDATE: Part TWO of Alex Toth on TV Cartoons is HERE


The Vault Keeper said...

Maaan, this is so oasome!! And Alex Toth is one of my favourite artists, really usefull!
Rest in peace Alex, and thanks for this Sherm, it's a real oldie ;)

Sherm said...

Hey VaultKeeper...glad you "dig" the Toth post. The second half is in the hopper, so look for it in a few days!

warren said...

This is amazing! It sounds SO exciting! (and it is)

Thanks Sherm!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks so much for this, Sherm. Just great material. I'm posting a link from my blog to your blog, you betcha!

cartoonmonkey said...

Fantastic find!!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Sherm said...

Hi Warren...glad you like it!

Mike: Thanks for sharing this on your terrific blog! BTW, I didn't scan this myself, but I found a .cbr file of the whole SuperFriends comic, and extracted these pages for the blog.

Chad: The rest should be posted by Friday morning! Rock on!

Thanks for the nice comments everybody!