Alex Toth - Part 2: How a TV Cartoon is Created - Animating, Layout, Camera and Production

Welcome back to the second half of Alex Toth and Bob Foster's illustrated guide to how TV cartoons are made.
This ran as a bonus back-up feature in the 1976 Super Friends oversized Limited Collectors' Edition comic book. For more of the background on this feature and the artists who created it, check out the first part at

The first five pages covered the earlier stages of cartoon production from development through storyboarding.

These last five pages cover stuff like...
Animation Layout Desk punched animation paper on a rotating disk
Studio setup and animation desk...
animating the human figure walking
Animation and Layout...
animation layout drawing - figure jumping over a gap
animation model sheets head turnaround
Character Design and Model Sheets...
animation background Pan
Background Layouts...
animation cel painting
Painting Animation Cels...
And right below are the full-page high-resolution scans
of the second part of Alex Toth and Bob Foster's
"How TV Cartoons Are Made."
Click on any page for a HUGE hi-res image
Click on any page for a HUGE hi-res image
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Brian said...

Thanks for posting the pages. Love to see any Toth and it harkens back to the pre-digital aniamtion days of my youth.

Mike Nassar said...
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Mike Nassar said...

Oh Sherm! You sure know the key to my heart with these bad ass posts.

I thought it was pretty funny reading the description about "keeping to model" and it's difficulties.

The timing director stuff was kinda interesting too (thinking about how the role of the timing director has been over time).

It's crazy how this whole process can be done to a pretty good degree on a 1/2 decent laptop today.

Anywho, thanks for postin' sherm! As always, great blog and keep it up.

Sherm said...

Hi Mike...Hi Brian...thanks for the kind words. It gets tough to find time to make these posts, but hearing kudos from dudes like you makes it all worth it. Onward!

The Vault Keeper said...

Amazing... Just like the previous one. This cartoons were really glorious. Superfriends, Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, etc. etc. etc.
Thanks again for this!