"I've come to fix your pipes!" A delightful comic by VEP

I really love VEP -- his comics are pure fun!
Here's G. Whiskers from Ha Ha 17, 1945
Cartoon goat and hippo VEP
Click on any page to see the FULL-SIZED comic book scan

Cartoon goat and bear VEP

Cartoon goat and bear and lion VEP

Cartoon goat and dog cop VEP

Cartoon goat and lion and dog cop VEP

Cartoon goat and bear VEP

You can read the entire 52-page Ha Ha #17
comic at the Digital Comic Museum


Anonymous said...

So delighted that you have posted something -- Love the blog, and would hate to see it fall into neglect.

Sherm said...

Thanks, James -- I appreciate the encouraging words. IU hope to post more fun stuff soon... --Sherm

Pudim said...

Amazing how energetic VEP draws his characters. That's a cartoonist who knows where to put the feet for sure. I'll search more about his work. Thanks for sharing.

TomD. said...

Discovered a "new" cartoonist today thanks to you. Keep this blog going! :-)