SpongeBob Movie 2 -- Some of my Storyboard and Layout drawings

The new SpongeBob Movie 2 is in the theaters and #1 at the box office! I worked on the movie as Sequence Supervisor...and now that it's in theaters, I can finally start posting my artwork from the movie!

-- Can you remember which scene this was from?

DELETED scene!
In this earlier version, the Post-Apoca-Whatcha-ma-call-it started earlier in the picture.
Mr. Krabs appeals to the angry mob of hungry customers.

Rough storyboard panel from the opening scenes of the new SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. SB loves his Krusty Krab snowglobe (which rains down Krabby Patties instead of snow). Shot lasts about 1.5 seconds in the movie. Thanks everybody for making the movie #1 !!

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