The "Easy Way to Draw" -- 1958 Cartooning Book by Walter Lantz

How to Draw Cartoons book Woody Woodpecker Walter Lantz Cartooning Cartoonist

I finally got my hands on a copy of this wonderful how-to-draw book, Walter Lantz's "Easy Way to Draw" -- a gorgeous 132-page hardcover from 1958. Illustrated by Frank McSavage and Norm McGary.

Inside front cover endpapers from Walter Lantz's "Easy Way To Draw" book
Inside front cover endpapers from Walter Lantz's "Easy Way To Draw" book.
Every one of these Woody poses is different!

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Togotooner said...


I would love to see this book in its' entirety! I bet it is fantastic and probably still relevant in it's teachings and lessons! That stuff is priceless!

How much can I bribe you to scan it all in?!?!?!

Sherm said...

Glad you like it! I'm not likely to be able to scan the rest anytime soon, but the book is actually pretty easy to find on Amazon and/or Ebay! Usually sells for $25-30. Have fun! --Sherm

Togotooner said...

Sherm,...yep. Found it. I will just buy one myself! Thanks for posting it though so as to give me a heads up on it. I can't explain why,...but I just love these "How To" books! Also love your tutorials that you do for Storyboard Pro as well! Someday with enough money,..(ToonBoom is VERY PROUD of their software) I will actually purchase that cool program.