"Popeye's How to Draw Cartoons" (1939) Complete scans from a great cartooning book

I love collecting old "How to Draw Cartoons" books, and this one is among my favorites: "Popeye's How to Draw Cartoons" by Joe Musial from 1939. I finally got a giant scanner, so now I can share this really fun vintage cartooning book!

Scans from 1939 book, Popeye's How to Draw Cartoons

The thumbnail below gives you just a hint of what's inside; There's about 40 full-sized pages of classic cartoon art and "How to draw cartoons" instruction. Click on the picture to jump to the photo album.

How to Draw Cartoons Popeye book cartooning
or you can find it here:


Unknown said...

Popeye's Cartooning Book?
What The Wow! Very good stuff
here. I'm looking forward to stopping by again and again....
Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Sherm! You're a saint finding all this cool stuff to share with us.

MrProfGenius said...

So many memories, since i watched Popeye in my childhood.

MIKE said...

amazing book,sir! i'm a popeye fan and collectorn and never came accross this one. if you ever come accross another one and want to sell 1 copy, please contact me. for now, i'm more than happy to check those scanned pages you so altruistically shared with everyone. thanks again - mike -