Pudgy Pig Vintage Funny-Animal Comics - It’s Murder out There!

Pudgy Pig and bad guy with a gun funny animal comic book
In a nice variation of the classic Count Screwloose storyline, Pudgy Pig yearns to leave the farm, but soon finds out there’s no place like home!
Pudgy Pig cartoon wants to leave the farm funny animal comic book
Pretty nice drawing throughout – classic 1940’s funny animal comics. I love the clarity and simplicity Smile
Pudgy Pig meets a cartoon butcher who wants to chop him up for meat funny animal comic bookPudgy Pig is going to get sliced into ham  funny animal comic book
The panel below is one of my favorites…
Pudgy Pig escapes from the chopping block all tied up cartoon funny animal comic book
From WOTALIFE Comics #5
(Fox Feature Syndicate) December 1946
Wotalife comic book cover funny animal


Unknown said...

Funny animal comics are my favorite! Pure cartoony goodness. Just the kind of refreshment I needed after trying to make some points here.

I hope I didn't insult you if you were one of the artists who did storyboard work on this show, but I think there are too many people content or complacent with animation's current standards and how many artists are getting thrown under the bus due to bad decisions coming from the big networks.

There are a lot of people who grew up with Scooby Doo, but then realize later on that it was just another soulless sausage factory kind of cartoon, so my criticisms have nothing to do with whether I grew up with S&J or not.

It's time to raise the bar much higher. Bill Wray even agreed with me on Facebook and so did 12 or so other people on that specific CB post.

I also know that it was only the first episode and that we don't exactly know where the direction of the show is headed, but for some reason, I just don't see it ending well.

ketepo said...

Thanks for sharing! This comix is so fresh!

Anonymous said...

Somebody oughtta tell that pig he ain't out of the woods yet.