Bloopy Doodle gets the full Digital Painting Treatment with ArtRage

What happens when you take a nonsensical doodle and dcide to make a painting out of it?
Apparently, "this" happens: I call it, "Red Bloop"
Line art from a sketch in SketchbookPro - Painted with ArtRage 2.6

Here's a look at the work-in-progress:

Try's fun, amazing and super-affordable!
P.S.: More of my ArtRage paintings here:


FrankenBarry said...

That is bloopin' awesome! I bet he could get himself a gig, working kid's parties, tying himself into funny-animal shapes!

Yeah, this would make a sweet print, or maybe the basis for a funny picture- book!

Howard said...

I enjoy ArtRage. It's a greta program. Have you started using ArtArge 4?

Daniel [] said...

Could you (or someone else here) give examples of what is provided by ArtRage that is not by GIMP?

Sherm said...

Hi Daniel -- it's the gloppy paint textures that make ArtRage can realy feel the texture and the thickness of the paint as you move the brush around. See for the textures on the pumpkin.