Phone Doodle: Three things to Remember…

Sketches 2012 Log Out
I’ve been teaching a storyboarding class over at Disney Consumer Products in Glendale, CA. Here’s a phone doodle I scribbled while I was asking some questions about the physical classroom setup.
Don’t forget:
  • Log Out
  • Time
  • Chair
That is all.


Unca Jeffy said...

You know, Sherm...I want you to take this the right way...After seeing all your talent and experience in story-boarding and work in the animation field and your teaching skills and sharing nature that helps EVERYONE...I'm most jealous of your doodling than anything else.

Sherm said...

Thanks Jeff...I really appreciate your kind words!

Jamie Iles said...

Loving the doodles!

Sherm said...

Hi Jamie -- thanks a lot!