“Make Big Money - Become an Artist” 1950’s Correspondence Art & Cartooning School Ads

Be an Artist ad Popular Mechanics January 1950
“Make Big Money - Become an Artist”
“No Skill Needed!”
Cartoon the EASY Way ad PopMech Jan 1954 “Plastic template with cut-out spaces and holes
lets you make over 200 different cartoons”How to Make Money With Simple Cartoons ad Pop Mech Jan 1950
What About Your Future PMJan55 Artists Make Money ad Popular Mechanics January 1950
“Be popular – wow your friends!”


Bob Lizarraga said...

Hahah-- great. I have at-shirt with the top ad on it....

Sherm said...

Hi Bob -- glad you like 'em, too! I'm just fascinated by these old ads.

CheeseVision said...

These ads are so retro and interesting.

Chris Kawagiwa [Storyboards] said...

O bygone era-- these are great!
Would the modern equivalent be the Graphic Design course ads that run on daytime TV now? :P