Coffee-Stain Guy and A Hard-Boiled Egg

"Coffee-Stain Guy and A Hard-Boiled Egg"
An Almost-Random Selection of Doodley-Sketches

Sketches-2011026Sketches-2011025 Totally Hard-BoiledSquid and friends and enemies


Anonymous said...

Really been enjoying these quick little stream of consciousness doodles Sherm. Keep posting & sharing 'em!

Mykal Banta said...

This stuff is right up my alley, Sherm! wonderful drawing!

Anonymous said...

!!! HAWHAWHAW!!! These are incredible! LOVE the dog faced babe legged creature! All of them are great, and so unashamedly dripping with fun! How d'ya DO it???

Sherm said...

Thanks you guys -- your encouraging words mean I'll be posting more of these soon :)