Thousands Can Draw Cartoons Who Have Never Even Tried -- Vintage "How to Draw Cartoons" Ad

Thousands Can Draw Cartoons Who Have Never Even Tried

"Why work at drudgery when through a remarkable new method you can easily learn at home in spare time to draw cartoons that sell?"
"Many are earning pitifully small salaries who could make wonderful salaries in cartooning."

This is my favorite part:

"Just watch a cartoonist work. A few little lines -- a couple of simple curves --a splash of black here and there -- and then you see a splendid cartoon before you."

Ad ripped from Popular Mechanics via Google Books.


Swikan said...

My favorite part is: "The World's Easiest, Pleasantest and Best Paying Profession". HAHAHAH This is great!

Brendoon said...

However, the $60 to $300 a week thing still applies.....

Daniel [] said...

Thus desperate cartoonists sought to squeeze-out an extra buck from the next level of the cartoonist pyramid scheme.

It's interesting to consider at least briefly the economics of a highly financially rewarding activity that “anyone can do”. If there is an unlimited number of professional positions, then competition would drive remuneration towards zero. If there is a limited number of positions, then success is a matter of networking or of winning a sort of lottery. (Consider certain musical genres.) Either way, not promising for someone looking to make a career.

Amanda H. said...

Hey, Sherm! I was wondering if you've heard of a comic called Condorito. Its this Chilean funny animal comic and I had forgotten all about it but my Spanish textbook had a few pictures from it and I was curious if you've heard of it or know where some scans are.

Sherm said...

HI Amanda…yeah, when I was taking Spanish in college I used to read Condorito comics. I could find them on the shelves of local stores because we have a big Spanish-spreaking population here in L.A.

I haven't seen any scan online but if I come across some I'll let you know. Meanwhile, have you seen the scans from this cool Beatles comic: Take a look: Beatles Comic

Amanda H. said...

Oooh! Thank you! I'd heard about it and I had seen scans of it on another blog but it only had maybe the first 12 or 13 pages.
Still...working on my own -_-