How to Get Your Cintiq Tablet To Recognize Your Stylus Pen

Cintiq users: Have you ever fired up your Wacom tablet and find that you can't draw anything because your pen doesn't show up on the screen? When your stylus stops working, here are a couple proven ways to get your tablet to recognize it again, so you can get back to your digital drawing, inking and painting:

There's not much room on this blog to show you the full-sized version, so if you want to see it bigger, just click thru on the video while it's playing and you'll be able to see it full-sized on YouTube.

Every once in a while, the stylus pen on my Cintiq tablet just doesn't show up on the screen. The last time it happened on my older computer I never got it to work again, until I upgraded to Windows 7.

Anyway, the last time it happened, I scoured the web for tech help forums and I finally found the answers. Sometimes you just need to turn the monitor off and start it again. But if that doesn't work, you have to tweak the Windows Services. Don't worry -- it's easy if you follow along with the video (above).

If you have any Wacom tablet tips, let me know in the comments. Anytime we can share these discoveries it helps everybody else!


cartoonmonkey said...

Hey Sherm!

I've had this problem as well, and came up with another solution. Essentially it's a batch script that does all of the service restarting for you in one click. I'll share the script a little later tonight!

Sherm said...

Hey, that's a cool idea. I don't know anything about scripting, but it would be nice if I could automate a couple annoying processes. Like when my computer forgets that it's connected to my router.

Kas said...

this is great, but my cintiq now recognizes my pen, but my mouse will go flying across the screen when I move my pen, is there a way to fix this - currently I've just been restarting my whole computer.

Unknown said...

My Windows 10 Solution that works for me.
In a File Explorer window right click on your "Computer" or "My PC".
Click on "Services and Applications"
Click on "Services"
Scroll down to "Wacom Professional Services" and then R click and select "Restart".