Hey Look! Full-Color Scans of Harvey Kurtzman’s Late 40’s Masterpiece

Hey look toaster
Harvey Kurtzman is my biggest cartooning inspiration, and his “Hey Look” one-pagers are my favorite examples of his hilarious work.
Hey Look slipper
The book collection of these comics is out-of-print, and selling for upwards of $80, but lucky for us, Chris at Comicrazys has posted some beautiful full-color scans of these late 1940’s cartoon masterpieces.Hey look hard boiled egg These panels are just a random assortment of some of my favorite Kurtzman drawings. Make sure to click over to :
…to see the full pages in all their cartoony glory!
Hey look toaster Harvey KurtzmanHey Look opera Harvey Kurtzman singing Hey Look potatoe Harvey Kurtzman chef hat Hey Look chair Harvey Kurtzman Hey Look fire Harvey Kurtzman Hey Look Cereal Harvey Kurtzman Hey Look Movies Harvey Kurtzman Hey Look shuddup Harvey Kurtzman Hey look egg Harvey Kurtzman


Unknown said...

These are fantastic!, Thanks for sharing!

ComiCrazys said...

Thanks, Sherm. Yeah, Kurtzman from the latter half of the Hey Look! comics leave me in awe. Actually, more like, "AWWWW! Why can't I draw like that?!" =)

ComiCrazys said...

You think $80 is pricey (and it is) for a Hey Look! PB? Then check this out:
Hey Look! Book!

Sherm said...

I'd never seen that book before...I guess it was a precursor to the Hey Look book from Kitchen Sink. BTW, I still think that $80 is a bargain for the treasure that lie within the Hey Look book! It's definitely my single favorite cartoon book ever.

ComiCrazys said...

I am totally with you on that sentiment!!! I own 3 softcover copies and one hardcover, signed, bookplate edition of Hey Look! Plus A Talk with Harvey Kurtzman and Kurtzman Komix.

I bought the additional softcovers years ago when I got worried that I might spill something on my one copy and won't be able to find another. Good thing I did.

That book was made by Glen Bray back when color xeroxes were first around. I toyed with the idea of getting it, but quickly came to my senses. =) I wish the auction had better images of the pages. The ones they have make the pages looked faded and dull. At that price I would want nice crisp color copies.

wolf said...

It's because of posts like this that I follow your blog.

Sherm said...

Hey Ralleywolf -- and Rob, and Chris: Thanks so much for the encouraging feedback about the blog. Sometimes I wonder if I should post about what other blogs (in this case Chris's Comicrazys)are featuring, but then I remember than not everybody reads every comic blog. It's all about sharing, and you guys give me the fuel to keep going.