Funnybook Freak-out: Hi-Ho Comics

cartoon Carousel merry go round funny animals bear indian elephant pelican Coming up in the next few posts: some of the freakiest funny animal comic book stories I've ever seen! Here's a tiny sneak peek of the goodies to come: How many mstakes can you find in this drawing cartoon comic book
Percy Pelican Uncle Sam cartoon comic book vintage funny animal Oh, man...that Percy Pelican splash panel is amazing!
Daffy Dragon  cartoon comic book vintage funny animal …all from the fermented & demented pen
of one “H. Chambers.”
Eddie Elephant vintage funny animal cartoon comic book
Anybody know who this guy is? I’ve looked him up, but zippo-zilch-nada so far.
cartoon monkeys cityscape comic book funny animal Hi-Ho It’s all coming up soon, so stay tuned ^_^
cartoon Pelican vintage funny animal


David Martingale said...

Is this the same guy who did those Wonder Worm comics you posted a while back?

Will Finn said...

Whoopsie-dazey! These are like a peek into an alternate reality! Amazingly off-beat--almost like underground stuff from the 60's...! Thanks again Sherm!

Anonymous said...

Top right-hand on one of them says "H. Chambers"

Hope it helps!

Milton Knight said...

It's Holly Chambers! (Holly was his middle name; I think his first name began with an E.) My late friend, Howie Post, used to share a studio with him and had several vivid tales to tell: he described Chambers as a handsome, charismatic "psychotic" who could walk out with a bar stool and stare down the bartender with a "what are you going to do about it?"
Post also revealed that Chambers was a heroin addict who could shoot up and complete a comic book overnight: "Who needs women when you have this??"
As colorful as his comics, that was Holly Chambers. Howard lost track of him in the 50s, and suspected that he was "rubbed out" by his drug connections.

Sherm said...

Hi Milton -- thanks for the incredible information! What a crazy story...certainly fits with that outrageous style. My mind reels with the thought of all the untold stories about his life. Thanks a million for solving that piece of the puzzle.

Milton Knight said...

Glad I was able to "help", Sherm. Let the renaissance begin!

Unca Jeffy said...

These are all truly inspired. Thanks for sharing Sherm!