New Sergio Aragonés Book -- 50 years of Mad Cartoons in a 272-page Hardcover

Brand new BIG collection of Sergio Aragonés cartoons from MAD Magazine: "Sergio Aragones - Five Decades of His Finest Works." Yippee!

For the first time (since 1979's Sergio Aragones on Parade), here is a “greatest hits” collection of one of MAD’s most popular and prolific artists—Sergio Aragonés—hand-picked by the artist and featuring his greatest work from his debut with MAD in 1963 to the present. Assembled chronologically, it’s packed with 272 pages of cartoons,interviews, and a special pull-out poster of Sergio’s “Marginals,” the wildly popular mini-cartoons that have appeared in MAD’s margins for over 40 years.

Just arrived today at!


Raul Aguirre said...

This book is a must have for anybody who loves cartoons! Sergio is one of the best of the best. His pantomime cartoons speak volumes! Great post Sherm!

Afro Monkey said...

I cant wait for the book to arrive, Sergio is my favourite cartoonist ever!!!