SpongeBob Hangover

storyboard drawing of SpongeBob wearing straw hat angry at Mr Krabs
A few fun storyboard panels from
“The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie.”
storyboard drawing of SpongeBob wakes up from an ice cream bender
I usually just made black and white xeroxes of my boards,
but I liked the way the colors looked on these, so I scanned 'em in color.storyboard drawing - SpongeBob has a hangover walks into the Krusty Krab
In case you haven’t seen the movie, SpongeBob goes on an ice cream bender after getting passed over for a promotion at the Krusty Krab. When he wakes up the next morning, he’s pretty ornery!
SpongeBob is angry at Mr Krabs storyboard drawing
Aaron Springer did the original rough sketches for this scene, so I had some great art to start with!


Charlie Judkins said...

Hey Sherm!

Aaron Springer is the man! Would you happen to still have the roughs he did for this scene that you worked from?

Unca Jeffy said...

Ornery cartoon characters are fun to draw!

Even the word "ornery" has a cartoon feel to it.

allen mez said...

Great attitude. You clearly have felt that kind of pain.

Bob Flynn said...

This is one of my favorite parts of the movie, Sherm. Thanks for posting these truly stellar drawings. (MOOOREE!)

Anonymous said...

This was my favorite sequence in the film - you guys knocked it out of the park!

CouponWebz | UPrinting Coupons said...

SpongeBob is definitely one of the TV icon of our generation. I have to admit that an episode of SBSP is enough to make me smile and unwind. Imagine what I felt after seeing the movie.

Anonymous said...

These storyboards are great. My favorite part of the movie indeed! You guys sure captured the experience of a real hangover pretty well for SpongeBob.

Did you watch the pencil test for Aaron Springer's "Special the Pussycat?" I think it's somewhere on YouTube. Incredible stuff.

:: smo :: said...

these are fantastic!!! i'm glad you scanned the color versions!

Sherm said...

Hey everybody...thanks for all the suh-weet comments!

Charley- If I find the ruffs I'll let you know!

Jeff- Love the word "ornery." ;)

Allen-- Pain IS fun to draw. It's cathartic

Bob-- more to come! Thanks for the request ^_^

Bob-- so glad you liked the still means a lot to me. A great experience. too.

Couponz-- um, that's quite a name! Thanks

Roberto-- Glad U liked the movie! Aaron's stuff is not only amazing, but mind-bendingly great!

smo-- Sure appreciate it! Thanks ^_^

Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Great drawings Sherm.

Especially love the drawing of him in the doorway of the KK.

Duffs said...

One of the funniest parts of the movie. Thanks for posting!

Yazzo said...

Hi Sherm!

Thanks a bunch for sharing this...always nice to see behind-the-scenes stuff like this, and that particular part in the SB movie makes me and everyone else laugh like crazy! I agree with Mr. Flynn: it would be nice to see more!

It's kinda crazy, because every time I watch the movie now, I see you're style throughout it...pretty cool. :)

I'm practising my storyboarding now (I found it's not just good for cartoons, but also great for working on story ideas) and seeing masterful, hilarious stuff like this always helps.

Corey said...

This is the best sequence in the whole movie!

warren said...

I absolutely LOVED this sequence in an already hilarious cartoon.


~ w.