Some of my SpongeBob Comics – Super Suspicion

SpongeBob dressed as Mermaid Man
Here’s a SpongeBob comic book story I did for Nickelodeon Magazine back in ought-two. This was done during the break between the end of SpongeBob’s 3rd season and before production started on the Movie.
SpongeBob and Patrick playing and making noise
It was fun ‘cause I finally had a chance to get back to my comic book roots, and reach a huge audience, too.
Story, pencils and lettering by me,
inked by Vince Deporter, coloring by Digital Chameleon.
SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Anyway, just click on any image to open up a HUGE high-resolution comic page.
SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
I’m not sure why, but I’ve never posted any of my Nick Mag comics before. Oh, wait…I remember why. I was still freelancing for Nickelodeon Magazine and I didn’t wanna make  them mad. But last December the magazine shut its doors, so here they are.
SpongeBob_Comics_SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
^ That was a fun panel to draw!
Squidward calls police on SpongeBob and Pat dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Squidward points out Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in police line-up SpongeBob_Comics_Sherm_Cohen_08z
I’m always fond of bookending the opening and closing panels
(or scenes in a cartoon)
A lot of these comics were collected
into book form: Comic Crazy!
SpongeBob Comic Crazy book
Click HERE to see more on the book
Wanna see more of these SpongeBob comics stories? I’ll post some more if you let me know in the comments. Talk to you soon! --Sherm


Robin Cain said...

SHerm, I love looking at your stuff! Thanks for posting!

MJ said...

I don't think I need to say so. But yes definitely want to see more! Awesome job on these.

Sherm said...

Thanks Robin and MJ...I appreciate your vote ^_^

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I actually remember reading this one when it first came out. I always loved the way it was drawn, but I had no idea you drew it Sherm. Beautiful stuff. I think I was about 8 when I saw this by the way back when I was crazy for Nick Mag (I remember the Scene, But Not Heard comics very well. I always liked those too).

Afro Monkey said...

Great stuff! Im so buying the Paperback... by the way it was inked by Vince Deporter and the coloring was done by Digital Chamaleon.

Sherm said...

Thanks Roberto -- and I like Sam Henderson's "Scene But Not Heard" comics too

Hey AfroMonkey....thanks for the info! I'll fix the post ^_^

MJ said...

No Thank You, for actually helping bring some of the better cartoons to the small screen. The ones I actually find amusing would be quite different in my opinion without you on board. Bravo to you my cartoonist friend! Guess I should actually get a link to Cartoon Snap from my blog. Poof! DONE!

o f l o d a said...

Awesome! I would love to see more. Thanks!

Chris said...

OH, DANG! There's a Comic Crazy book?!! I had no idea! Ugh! =)

Greenblatt the Great! said...

These are rad, Sherm. By posting these, you've separated the SpongeBoys from the SpongeMen!

Duffs said...

I remember that one! You and Vince were a good team. Though your own inking (the Hiccup story!) is amazing.

Sherm said...

MJ, Oflada & Michael...thnaks for the votes. More coming soon!

ChrisL: Not to worry...the publisher barely promoted the book at all, so nobody knows it exists

Duffy: I agree that Vince did a really great job. When I first saw it, I thought I had inked it myself ;)

Obsessive Compulsive Cartoons said...

Really cool comic!I really like the panel when they gasp,really awesome expressions.

Anonymous said...

Sherm, you have been my favorite since day one! Your Spongebob is the most organic -- and I was particularly honored to ink you (no - not in a tattoo way!).
Pleasure workin' with you, sir! May we do it again!

Sherm said...

Thanks Vincent -- it was definitely a pleasure to have your inks on this story -- if it weren't for the credits I would've though I inked it myself :)

Lynne said...

Hi Sherm- I tutor an autistic 12 year old and I work on expending his language. He is a huge Spongebob fan and I have used one of your comics in our sessions. I print out your story. He writes about each picture to tell his own version of the story. Then it goes into his own "comic" book.He has gone from 4 word sentences to 10 word sentences over time. Please do write more and post.
Thank you!