Cloudscapes over Burbank

Burbank Cloudscape 0331a

We don't get clouds like THIS very often in LA! Storms are a-comin'. Photos taken outside House of Secrets comic book shop at the corner of Olive and Lamer in Burbank, CA.
Burbank Cloudscape 0331b

Sure glad my iPhone has a camera! It usually takes pretty bad pictures because of the slow shutter speed, but in full daylight it works swell.
Burbank Cloudscape 0331c
A few minutes later I bought a really cool THOR: Tales of Asgard collection by Lee and Kirby, as well as the trade paperback of Street Angel by Rugg and Maruca. Oh, I guess that doesn't have much to do with the clouds, though...does it?
Burbank Cloudscape 0331d


ssss said...

Thanks for the wonderful site. I get your twitter posts daily. May want to consider adding a feed to your side bar of the ilovecomix archive site. we now update it just about once a day some how. Thanks again.

Unca Jeffy said...

The couds COULD be the God of Thunder himself rejoicing at your purchase of the Asgard book...hmmmmmmmmmm

Sherm said...

Jeff: I LOVE it! you managed to tie the whole post together ^_^ Maybe I wasn't getting as off-topic as I thought ;)