Doodles Duck by Howie Post – Vintage Funny Animal Comic Book Scans

Leading Comics 031 0032
Scans from from Leading Comics 1948 – By Howie Post
Leading Comics 031 0033
Leading Comics 031 0034
Leading Comics 031 0035
Leading Comics 031 0036


David Martingale said...

Great stuff, though it's hard not to make comparisons to Walt Kelly. I think I might actually like Post better (is that blasphemy?)

Sherm said...

David -- definitely has that Kelly brushwork...but it's not blasphemous in my book. Sometimes Walt Kelly can be a bit too cloying. I mean, he's a genius and a wizard at cartooning, but so is Hal Foster and his Prince Valiants after the first three years bore me to tears.

Jay Watson said...

This is my first Howie Post Doodles Duck story... I really enjoyed it Sherm, thanks for posting it. So, in this incarnation (before Sheldon Mayer) are Doodles and Buttons stuffed animals that talk or just regular anthropomorphic animals. The Bear seemed to have had seems on his stuffing??
Great animal gang too.

Mykal Banta said...

Egads! First David disparages Kelly, then Sherm takes a swipe at Foster! It's chaos, madness, and outright anarchy! Heaven rumbles! I love this blog :)

Great Post stuff, Sherm, who is one of my all time favorites and one of the greatest kids' comics artists that ever lived. This, like all post's work, just screams fun. Thanks for sharing. -- Mykal

Daniel [] said...


You're going to Hell now. You know that, don't you?

Sherm said...

Ooo! Got some controversy here! Hey, taste is taste, and I calls 'em as I sees 'em. I usually like the raw stuff most. Foster's Tarzans are great! I prefer the mid-period Alex Raymond Flash Gordons to the slick stuff in the forties, or his Rip Kirby. I like Roy Crane in the late 1920's and early 1930's over his slicker work on Buz Sawyer. I like Herrimans last few years the most, when he really loosened up. Or Frank Robbins in the 70s at Marvel over his Johnny Hazard strips in the 60s.

Duffs said...

This story freaks me out! For one thing--was there an earlier story in the issue about the bear eating clothes? It's so..dropped in there at the beginning like we should know it. Plus, I never knew Doodles Duck was a toy. My world is rocked. (It was fun, though. Thanks for posting.)
--Chris Duffy