Psycho-Delic Cartoon Bubble Gum Wrappers

Grape Gorilla bubble gum wrapper
These cartoon bubble gum wrappers from the 1960’s and 1970’s have some crazy funk about them, dontcha think?
mr hercules luv hippie gum wrapper 
They’re so freakishly drawn and so far from “slick”
that it’s downright refreshing for the eyeballs!
jawbreakers cartoon guy with a jawnreaker in his mouth
Has anyone ever REALLY broken their jaw
from one of these jawbreakers?
 This guy seems to be going for it!
Magic candybubble gum wrapper cxartoon boy in tuxedo with magic wand
uhh...I’m not really sure what to make of this
Andy pollution bubble gum  wrapper   


David Martingale said...

I really like the Jawbreakers one and "Andy Pollution." Is that a candy with toxic gas in the center?

chrisallison said...

I love the Magic Candy one. These are all so appealing to me, great finds, Sherm!