1933: How Comic Cartoons Make Fortunes – Vintage Magazine Scans

The Modern Mechanix blog reprints many great illustrated articles from the 1930’s and 40’s. One of my favorites is this look at Depression-era income opportunities in cartooning and animation!
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Jiggs Popeye Little Orphan Annie Robert Ripley How Comic Cartoons Make Fortunes
Andy Gump Mutt and Jeff Toonerville Trolley Mickey Mouse Walt Disney
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Rube Goldberg and Grant Powers How Comic Cartoons Make Fortunes comics_2 Sidney Smith The Gumps Bud Fisher Mutt & Jeff George McManus comics_4
The Birth of Bringing Up Father by George McManus How Comics are Manufactured Buck Rogers Dick Calkins How Comic Cartoons Make Fortunes
…and aside from the great article, check out all the beautiful advertisements on these pages.
PS…there are MANY more articles on cartoons and cartooning and animation at the Modern Mechanix blog. Just click HERE to jump right over!

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Really dig that TV or Not TV comic you posted, Sherm. Thanks for sharing more of that!