Cartoon Cops Battle Bears with the POWER of Pepsi-Cola

Pepsi the pepsi-Cola Cop
From Leading Comics #31, June/July 1948…
Leading Comics #31 - Page 1
…comes the Adventures of Pepsi the Pepsi-Cola Cop
Pepsi the pepsi-Cola Cop drinks bottle of soda
Apparently his Pepsi-Cola works like Popeye’s spinach.
little cartoon bear drining bottle of Pepsi
Here’s the whole Pepsi the Cop comic scan in High-resolution:
Pepsi the Pepsi-Cola Cop battles the bears in this full page comic book advertisement scan
Nothing like drinking a Pepsi in the snow after getting mauled by a bear. And what does this have to do with cops? Uhh…
Funny drawings though. I kinda like comics that make little or no sense. I don’t think any ad execs were burning the midnight oil on this campaign.


Togotooner said...

Not sure which was funnier,...the comic or your commentary! Great stuff! I just love bears,....and this did not disappoint! The last panel is poster worthy!

I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted next week. I will be sure to ask for the same drugs these guys were on when conceiving this page!

I won't feel a thing.

Sherm said...

Hi Todd...I glad you found this as loopy as I did! Good luck with your widom teeth ^_^