Beatles Comics - Yellow Submarine from Gold Key 1968

Yellow Submarine Beatles comic book scan from Gold Key

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The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine was one of the first movies I ever saw in my life, so you can imagine how it tweaked my brain when I saw it on a 30-foot-high drive-in movie screen as a wee 3-year-ol lad in 1968. I had never seen the comic book version before until I ran across this PDF on the web. I don’t have any info on the creative team, but if any of you can shed more light on this comic, please leave a comment!

PS…if you don’t want to download a 28 megabyte PDF, you can read it online at Scribd: Yellow Submarine Comic


Unknown said...

Ah yes, the elusive green meanie. Those guys where pricks

Will Finn said...

Hey Sherm--thanks for posting this. I just recently re-watched the movie on DVD and it never fails to conjure a mix of fascination and disappointment for me. On the one hand it's not run of the mill, and on the other, a lot of it is embarrassing hippy drippage. Bits of it are very clever though and some of it is genuinely funny.

Oddly this comic is more faithful than I expected. Given that it is done by Gold KEY, it could have been much worse. One of my sisters had an official "magazine" of it that had a kind of comic book included, but it was pretty short.

Sherm said...

Hi Will...I haven't seen the film in quite a while, but I agree that it's much better than I expected from Gold Key.

Strange to think that one of the things I remember most about the Yellow Submarine movie is hearing Eleanor Rigby for the fist time. That song is so NOT appropriate for a fun and colorful animated movie. Maybe that's why it made such an impression on me. When the "strings only" version of Eleanor Rigby was released on the Anthology CD's it fulfilled a lifelong dream for me.

norman said...

In case you're interested Sherm, Yellow Submarine was designed by the German illustrator Heinz Edelmann. Most people still think Peter Max had something to do with it but - nope.

Edelmann did some great hippy trippy books for Harlan Quist in the early 70s, but his work is hard to find unless you're a nutjob.

I like that comic too - good coloring.

patrick said...

Wow, never saw this one before - thanks!

Redheaded Golem said...

Thank You SO MUCH for this.

Anonymous said...

Cool Beatles comic! & fyi, gave this here post of yours a mention here:

Snaporaz said...

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Anonymous said...

Script:Paul Newman
Pencils:Jose Delbo
Inks:Jose Delbo

Carl Savich said...

The artist for The Beatles Yellow Submarine was Argentinian-born Jose Delbo. The writer was Paul S. Newman.